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J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact ;— Long-term clinical outcomes following the use of synthetic hydroxyapatite and bone graft in impaction in revision hip arthroplasty. Biomaterials ;— Impaction grafting of the acetabulum with a mixture of frozen, ground irradiated bone graft and porous synthetic bone substitute Apapore BMP signaling components are expressed in human fracture callus.

Bone morphogenetic protein in spine surgery: current and future uses. Use of osteopromotive growth factors, demineralized bone matrix, and ceramics to enhance spinal fusion. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: structure, biological function and therapeutic applications. Arch Biochem Biophys ;— Cell therapy for bone repair. Tissue engineered bone grafts: biological requirements, tissue culture and clinical relevance. Curr Stem Cell Res Ther ;— Review of bone graft and bone substitutes with an emphasis on fracture surgeries.

Sustained delivery of the angiogenic QK peptide through the use of polyglutamate domains to control peptide release from bone graft materials. Cemented injectable multi-phased porous bone grafts for the treatment of femoral head necrosis. Current review of surgical management options for extremity bone sarcomas. Retrospective, Controlled Study with 2-Year Follow-up.

One-stage surgery for adult chronic osteomyelitis: concomitant use of antibiotic-loaded calcium sulphate and bone marrow aspirate. The addition of a polyglutamate domain to the angiogenic QK peptide improves peptide coupling to bone graft materials leading to enhanced endothelial cell activation.

Marble-derived microcalcite improves bone healing in mice osteotomy. Intravenous administration of multipotent stromal cells and bone allograft modification to enhance allograft healing. A hybrid platform for three-dimensional printing of bone scaffold by combining thermal-extrusion and electrospinning methods. Bone repair biomaterials in orthopedic surgery. Production of polymer—bioactive glass nanocomposites for bone repair and substitution.

Credit to the team. Development of a demineralized and decellularized human epiphyseal bone scaffold for tissue engineering: A histological study. Use of Stimulan absorbable calcium sulphate beads in revision lower limb arthroplastySafety profile and complication rates. Kallala , W. Edwin Harris , M.

Ibrahim , M. Dipane , E. Hydroxyapatite calvaria graft repair in experimental diabetes mellitus in rats. The directional migration and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells toward vascular endothelial cells stimulated by biphasic calcium phosphate ceramic. A review of biomaterials in bone defect healing, remaining shortcomings and future opportunities for bone tissue engineeringThe unsolved challenge. Winkler , F. Sass , G. Duda , K. Effects of interfacial micromotions on vitality and differentiation of human osteoblasts. Ziebart , S. Fan , C.

Dental Bone Loss - Bone Grafting in Denville, NJ

Schulze , P. Bader , A. Intrafibrillar silicified collagen scaffold promotes in-situ bone regeneration by activating the monocyte p38 signaling pathway. Evaluation of osteogenic inductivity of a novel BMP2-mimicking peptide P28 and Pcontaining bone composite. Molecular- and microarray-based analysis of diversity among resting and osteogenically induced porcine mesenchymal stromal cells of several tissue origin.

Modifying collagen with alendronate sodium for bone regeneration applications.

Optimizing combination of vascular endothelial growth factor and mesenchymal stem cells on ectopic bone formation in SCID mice. Long-term radiographic appearance of calcium-phosphate synthetic bone grafts after surgical treatment of tibial plateau fractures. Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering: State of the art and new perspectives.

Adipose-derived stem cell therapies for bone regeneration.

Systematic reviews

Long term results of impaction Bone grafting using a synthetic graft Apapore in revision hip surgery. In-vitro cell adhesion and proliferation of adipose derived stem cell on hydroxyapatite composite surfaces. Characterisation of osteophytes as an autologous bone graft sourceAn experimental study in vivo and in vitro. Ishihara , K. Okazaki , T. Akiyama , Y. Akasaki , Y. Sinus floor elevation procedures to enable implant placement and integration: techniques, biological aspects and clinical outcomes. Basic Science of Bone Fusion.

Bone grafts: which is the ideal biomaterial?

Short-term hypoxic preconditioning promotes prevascularization in 3D bioprinted bone constructs with stromal vascular fraction derived cells. Powder systems for calcium phosphate ceramics. Raina , A. Gupta , M.

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Results also showed significantly increased amts. At 24 wk, bone formation and graft resorption had significantly increased in all groups so that the level of bone formation in the SiCaP group had increased fold to Bone formation was obsd. Results suggest that bone graft substitute materials with greater strut porosity are more osteoinductive.

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Submicron scale surface architecture of tricalcium phosphate directs osteogenesis in vitro and in vivo. Cell Mater. Davison, N. European Cells and Materials , 27 , , 17 pp. AO Research Institute Davos. A current challenge of synthetic bone graft substitute design is to induce bone formation at a similar rate to its biol.

We hypothesise that both osteoinduction and resorption can be achieved by altering surface microstructure of beta-tricalcium phosphate TCP. To test this, two TCP ceramics are engineered with equiv. In vitro, submicron-scale surface architecture differentiates larger, more active osteoclasts - a cell type shown to be important for both TCP resorption and osteogenesis - and enhances their secretion of osteogenic factors to induce osteoblast differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells. In an i. Thus, a novel submicron-structured TCP induces substantial bone formation and is resorbed at an equiv.

The size of surface microstructures as an osteogenic factor in calcium phosphate ceramics. The microporosity of calcium phosphate CaP ceramics has been shown to have an essential role in osteoinduction by CaP ceramics after ectopic implantation. Here we show that it is not the microporosity but the size of surface microstructural features that is the most likely osteogenic factor.

TCP-S has a grain size of 0. In vitro, both cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation were significantly enhanced when human bone marrow stromal cells were cultured on TCP-S without any osteogenic growth factors, compared to TCP-B ceramic granules. The possible involvement of direct contact between cells and the TCP ceramic surface in osteogenic differentiation is also shown with a trans-well culture model.

The current in vitro and in vivo data reveal that the readily controllable cue, i. Variation of bone forming ability with the physicochemical properties of calcium phosphate bone substitutes. Royal Society of Chemistry. Because of their bioactive properties and chem. Six com. After 12 wk of implantation in the paraspinal muscle of four beagles, sporadic bone 0.

Bone is not obsd.