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Challe ge the p ese te to disi guish et ee ultu al ste eot pes a d his o he o e pe ie e. E ou age the est of the lass to ask la if i g uesio s th oughout o at the e d of the p ese taio. Analyze an intercultural situation. Joe s i te ultu al skills a e e eak. He appa e tl has litle u de sta di g of the Japa ese ultu e a d ho de isio s a e ade. This probably affected his credibility and may have been perceived as arrogance. Joe s comments may have been perceived as arrogant.

The Japanese prefer to sit side by side while handling business, because eye contact is considered irritating or rude. Naka u a s espo se p o a l ea t that he u de stood hat Joe as sa i g, athe tha that he ag eed ith hi. Analyze how well a company adapts to international audiences. The stude t s espo se should look si ila to the a al sis of the M Do ald s e sites i Figu es a d. If so, e ou age stude ts to ake e o e daio s a out ho these e pages a e i p o ed to appeal to the people of those aio s. This should e a oppo tu it fo stude ts to lea a out ultu al di e sit a d u de sta d the alue of di e sit.

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Respond to domestic intercultural issues. Remind Alton that people converse most easily in their native language. Suggest that he ask the individuals to let him know what is going on because he does not understand what they are saying. The other individuals could b e reminded to use English when others who do not speak their language are near.

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Suggest that Jason and his supervisor sit at a table when negotiating. This will permit both to be at eye level. Jason should also be prepared for the session to ensure that the substance of his perspective or position will be covered thoroughly. Discuss with Raisa the problems that can arise from avoiding an employee. If she is u a le to follo ou ad i e, recommend a counseling intervention to help her; otherwise, Raisa may be ill suited to be a supervisor.

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Sheila is justified in her belief that profanity should not be used d uring a business meeting regardless of the gender of the participants. Alex should be privately admonished about profanity in the office.

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Use a constructive feedback approach. Making coffee and cleaning up after oneself is not a female role.

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It is a chore that should be shared by all who drink coffee. On the other hand, muscle power may be gender specific. Lifting a heavy carton may be most efficiently handled by Jim and is an appropriate use of office human resources. As manager, you will discuss this viewpoint with Jim privately. Use inclusive language. Changes are highlighted below: a. The mayor opened contract talks with the union representing local police officers. While the sales associates are at the convention, their spouses or partners will e t eated to a tou of the it s la d a ks.

Our company gives each supervisor the day off on his or her birthday. Our public relations director, Heather Marshall, will ask her secretary, Bonita Carwell, to take notes during the preside t s spee h. Neither Mr. Batista nor his secretary, Ms. Hawkins, had met the new family. Discuss your views of using inclusive language. E ou age stude ts to e ho est i ho the espo d. You ight ake the poi t that la guage fo usi ess o u i aio i a o kpla e is dife e t f o ho stude ts a speak ith f ie ds.

Use gender-neutral language. Police officer b. Member of the clergy c. Firefighter d. Sales representative, sales associate e. Mail carrier, letter carrier, postal worker f. Porter, baggage handler g. Maintenance h. Scot Ober. Cengage Learning. Kenneth Hess.

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Joe Brockmeier. Scot Ober Ph. Amy Newman Esq. Joel Shapiro. Amy Newman Shapiro. Amy Lynn Newman. The text covers the most important business communication concepts in detail and thoroughly integrates coverage of today's social media and other communication technologies. Building on core written and oral communication skills, the ninth edition helps readers make sound medium choices and provides guidelines a Thank you for coming as quickly as you could to submit your part of the report. I would like you to arrange to attend future meetings because we need to coordinate all parts of the project.

Identify poor team behavior. Although, having fun in the workplace can be good too! The feedback employees receive is often negative or sarcastic. Students may identify several more characteristics depending on which movie they choose to watch. Students should pair off and exchange draft documents.

Students should debrief with their partners and discuss helpful versus unhelpful feedback and best practices for helpful feedback. Encourage students to evaluate the amount of feedback as well as the quality. Did the reviewer make enough comments? Too many? Was the tone appropriate—not too harsh but clear enough about suggestions? Create a project plan. Ensure that students discuss the content of the website, how that content will be communicated, and the communication strategy among team members. Refer to Figure 5 for an example of a simplified project plan.

Contribute to Wikipedia.

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Set up a wiki. Student responses will vary based on the wiki site they select and the wiki content. Students should analyze how the wiki helps communication for their class project or campus organization. Consider the benefits of wikis listed in the chapter. Interpret two messages from international offices.

The message from the Berlin office is direct and straightforward. It was somewhat abrupt as well: the email was not addressed to the team members, the message contained two sentences, and Ms. Tasks are more important than relationships, so people use a direct style of communication. Japan, a country with high context sensitivity, emphasizes relationships. This is reflective of the high value Japan places on relationships. Adapt to cultural differences in email responses. Zimmermann, We want the interns to spend time researching Dewey, Wright, and Howe to become familiar with our company.

We could change the plan so that they do this research on their first day of work. Would this be acceptable?