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The driver of the other car was Lowell Stack, age His elderly wife and his daughter accompanied him. It appeared they would all survive after medical treatment. But seven days later, Lowell Stack died in the hospital. Although it is not obvious from the information presented in the book which of the two drivers was most responsible for the accident, there is reason to believe Sean Replogle had done nothing felonious while driving. The police and the prosecutor decided he was a murderer. Huneke was a devoted, talented public defender, but so overwhelmed with a case load totaling clients that she wondered how she could represent Replogle adequately.

What happens to her and her client I will let readers learn on their own; otherwise I would be serving as a reviewer who spoils suspense. In the Grant County case from Moses Lake, Houppert focuses on public defender Douglas Anderson, who inadequately represented a year-old boy accused by a 5-year-old neighbor of sexual misconduct.

Houppert portrays Anderson as the polar opposite of the highly capable, deeply caring Huneke. The Washington Supreme Court eventually found that Anderson provided counsel that failed to meet minimum standards. That ruling played a role in somewhat more reasonable case loads for public defenders across Washington. While unraveling the Spokane County and Grant County cases, Houppert refers to a Seattle Times investigation published during April that brilliantly revealed the shortcomings of the public defender system by focusing on Grant County.

In her compelling, deeply researched book, Houppert insists that something must be done in every state to improve indigent defense so that it meets standards set out by the U. He was trying his first case on the capital punishment, and was giving all he has to save the life of the poor, mentally challenged client who killed his ex-girlfriend son believing that she would then return to him.

Emily Bolton, who was the Director of the Project New Orleans, decided to focus on lifers who had no rights to post-conviction counsel instead of death row inmates, and manages to have Bright and Truvia released.

ISBN 13: 9781620970263

These heroic stories had bitter undersides. When his client was sentenced, he became disillusioned and dispirited. He, later on, quits his job with the Georgia Capital Defenders and moves to California where he worked as a bartender. He was reportedly drinking much more than when he was a lawyer. Lastly, I can say it is an important book that shows how our boastful criminal justice needs to be documented and the belief of equal justice before the law discredited. The book provides a lot of information about mass incarceration, the aging prison population and the misappropriate effect of criminal justice on nonwhite communities Willis and Clare It provides the essential value of our attempt to implement this fundamental constitutional right.

In conclusion, the book can be easily accessed by both the lawyers and the lay people.

Chasing Gideon : the elusive quest for poor people's justice in SearchWorks catalog

It will be of much importance to those students pursuing law courses and also the faculty of law at large, precisely those interested in criminal defense. It might be relevant to lawyers too, especially public defenders. Chasing Gideon is a powerful book probably for the general public and their elected representatives too.

I at this moment strongly recommend this book without reservation to law libraries, but the general public libraries can have the book as well. Related posts.

Chasing Gideon

Summary "On March 18, , in one of its most significant legal decisions, the U. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright that all defendants facing significant jail time have the constitutional right to a free attorney if they cannot afford their own. Fifty years later, 80 percent of criminal defendants are served by public defenders.

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In a book that combines the sweep of history with the intimate details of individual lives and legal cases, veteran reporter Karen Houppert movingly chronicles the stories of people in all parts of the country who have relied on Gideon's promise. There is the harrowing saga of a young man who is charged with involuntary vehicular homicide in Washington State, where overextended public defenders juggle impossible caseloads, forcing his defender to go to court to protect her own right to provide an adequate defense.

In Florida, Houppert describes a public defender's office, loaded with upward of seven hundred cases per attorney, and discovers the degree to which Clarence Earl Gideon's promise is still unrealized.

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In New Orleans, she follows the case of a man imprisoned for twenty-seven years for a crime he didn't commit, finding a public defense system already near collapse before Katrina and chronicling the harrowing months after the storm, during which overworked volunteers and students struggled to get the system working again. In Georgia, Houppert finds a mentally disabled man who is to be executed for murder, despite the best efforts of a dedicated but severely overworked and underfunded capital defender.

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Half a century after Anthony Lewis's award-winning Gideon's Trumpet brought us the story of the court case that changed the American justice system, Chasing Gideon is a crucial book that provides essential reckoning of our attempts to implement this fundamental constitutional right"-- Provided by publisher. Legal assistance to the poor. Right to counsel. United States.