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Veena Das. This book identifies certain moments in the history of contemporary India. These events concern Partition, sati, minority rights, the Bhopal industrial disaster, the nature of the Indian state, and various sociological issues. Veena Das redescribes these events and their implications within the framework of anthropological knowledge.

Contemporary Indian Society

Her methodologically innovative attempt here is to produce an ethnography of contemporary India which is sensitive to both world historical processes as well as the inner life of individuals. Assistant Professor Room No.

Read More. The aim of the course is to understand the complexity of linguistic structure in an interdisciplinary domain and to facilitate the participants to be Programme Ph.

Areas of Research Interest: Religion as a social phenomenon fascinates me. My primary research interests revolve around questions of religious articulations in the contemporary times, especially in the context of modernity and late-modernity. In particular, I work on broader areas related to Islam in the postcolonial Indian context, focusing on questions of Islamic activism, womens question, sectarian identities and emerging Muslim politics.

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I also have keen research interest in the emerging forms of new spirituality, identity questions and political mobilization within Hinduism. Programme awarded to a team of researchers including Drs. Bloomsbury Publications, London. New Delhi: Routledge Publications.