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Assessing intellectual potential in rural Tanzanian school children, Intelligence in press. Makes the case for dynamic assessment, in which individualized instruction and feedback are built into the testing process. Urges the use of dynamic approaches to help psychologists and teachers collaborate on classroom-based interventions.

Carol Lidz , Dynamic Assessment Part 1: Introduction and Overview

Calls for studies to examine the utility of approaches. An appendix identifies target group, nature, and functions of 17 dynamic approaches. Contains 92 references. School of Education. Staff Profile. Educational Review 55 1 : Further publication details on publisher web site Durham Research Online DRO - may include full text Author s from Durham Prof Joe Elliott Abstract This paper outlines current developments in dynamic assessment, an approach that has great intuitive appeal for many professional psychologists and teachers, yet which has, to date, failed to take root in mainstream practice.

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Academic intelligence and learning potential. Dettermann Eds.

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Not in Worldwide? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Dynamic Assessment, Intelligence and Measurement paves the way for the development of dynamic assessment by applying this unique approach to the assessment of human potential. The Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive Science. Keith Frankish. Introduction to Research Methods in Education. Dr Keith F Punch.

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The Dynamic Assessment of Intelligence

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