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They will also learn how to present their CVs, gain interview practice, and understand salary negotiation. The number of working women around the world has increased, but the statistics still show fewer women than men.

This book will teach women to stop worrying and gain confidence. Sheryl Sandberg is an American technology executive, activist and author. In , her name was in the annual list of most influential people in the world in the Time magazine. Explore Plus. Biographies and Autobiographies. Enter pincode.

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Usually delivered in 2 weeks? Sandberg Sheryl. Summary of the Book Sheryl Sandberg became famous with this book which generated conversations about women and ambitions around the world.

The idea that you should stand up in class, professional environments and everywhere in between and speak your mind when you have something important to say. The idea that you should negotiate for higher pay and preferable work environments because you, as a female, deserve them just as must as the Joe Shmo next to you in a polo. These ideas were eye opening to my year-old self.

I lived in a whitewashed town with well-to-do friends, a loving high school sweetheart and supportive and involved teachers. To me, the world was already my oyster.

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I remained blissfully unaware of a something called a wage gap. I thought my hard work would get me where I needed to be. She taught me to remain positive and look toward the future with both full eyes and a full heart, but also to remain aware, well read and present in all situations.

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Everything Sandberg said made me feel both angry and hopeful. She works to fight the myth that professional women are destined for a constant act of juggling the needs of their family with the needs of their workplace; all the while unanimously closing the door on the idea of being treated as lesser in the workplace for said family, should she even have interest in one. In her novel, Sandberg explores the intersectionalities of feminism while appreciating the complex nature of every life.

Three years later, I read the book again.

Sandberg back with new 'Lean In' for graduates

But the context has changed. The path ahead is bumpier and less concrete than last time. My fear is bigger and more consuming to match. Her advice about owning who you are in all aspects runs through my unease. It will still work out.

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'Lean In: For Graduates' Gives Sheryl Sandberg's Advice To Students

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