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With emotional—and musical—backing from Linda, he released eccentric solo albums and embarked on a nomadic hippie lifestyle. He formed a new band, Wings, which first took flight on a ramshackle tour of British university towns and eventually returned Paul to the summit of arena rock superstardom. For Paul McCartney, the s were a wild ride with some dark turns. Tom Doyle is an acclaimed music journalist, author, and long-standing contributor to Mojo and Q. Over the years, he has been responsible for key magazine… More about Tom Doyle. Doyle strips away the larger-than-life figure and examines the real McCartney: the musician, the father, the husband, fighting off a nervous breakdown, trying to navigate his way through a tumultuous decade.

This is simply one of the best rock biographies anyone has written.

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And by virtue of that, I figured I had pretty much learned all there was to know about Sir Paul and his colossal career. Oh, how wrong I was! Man on the Run is simply brimming with enough fascinating facts and expertly rendered anecdotes to make even the most ardent McCartney follower do an abrupt about-face. You better believe it. If any word sums up McCartney in the s, it is struggle.

Another is escape. He spent the decade struggling to escape the shadow of The Beatles, effectively becoming an outlaw hippie millionaire. It was a time of brilliant, banned and sometimes baffling records. For McCartney, it was an edgy, liberating, sometimes frightening period of his life that has largely been forgotten by those who were not along for the ride.


In the autumn of , the McCartney family was in Argyll, Scotland, "hiding away in the mists," as Paul puts it. McCartney, his wife Linda, the newborn Mary and Linda's child from her first marriage, shy Heather, only 6, had escaped to High Park Farm, far from London and the heavy weather of intra-Beatle feuding. But High Park was no rock-star country pile. McCartney had bought the run-down farmhouse, set amid acres of rough, windswept Scottish landscape, in June , the year he became a millionaire. Revving up a generator, he put together an ad hoc four-track recording facility in High Park's rickety lean-to, which he named Rude Studio.

It was there, gently encouraged by Linda, that his songwriting slowly began to return to him, as he effectively used music as therapy to alleviate his depression. In private, The Beatles had fallen out and apart, prompting McCartney's state of panic and depression. The critical episode had come at a meeting at the label they had founded, Apple Records, on Sept. Three of the band members George Harrison was away, his mother having just been diagnosed with cancer had convened at the office to ink their names on a new distribution deal with Capitol Records, their label in the United States.

On that day, McCartney had attempted to rah-rah-rah his downbeat colleagues into recapturing their fire. He suggested they tour small clubs, where the band — which had last performed for a paying audience more than three years before — could turn up unannounced or billed under a pseudonym. He argued that this might help them get back in touch with who they were.

I want a divorce. All involved would look back on this as the moment when the illness affecting The Beatles finally became terminal. McCartney greeted the dawning of the s in his townhouse at 7 Cavendish Ave.

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Secluded in his music room, he began recording his first solo album, without the knowledge of the other Beatles. He wheeled a stove-sized four-track machine from Abbey Road into his home and began to play, in the childlike sense of the word. He was able to record entirely alone thanks to a device built by an Abbey Road technician that allowed him to plug directly into the back of the tape machine.

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Homemade and handmade, the resulting album, "McCartney," was less the grand launch of his solo career and more an insight into McCartney's creative practices. But before the listening public had the opportunity to make up their minds about the record, it was to provoke an almighty ruckus. Weeks before the album's April 17 release, Ringo Starr showed up at McCartney's London address with a letter handwritten by Lennon and co-signed by Harrison.

After reading the letter, a furious McCartney threw Starr out of his house. Get out. He wouldn't budge on the street date and, ultimately, "Let It Be" was pushed to a May 8 release.

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When it came time to promote his solo album, McCartney sidestepped face-to-face encounters by inserting a sulky press release-cum-self interview with review copies of the album. Was he planning any new records with The Beatles? Did he see himself writing songs with Lennon in the future? What were his plans now? The news exploded across the front pages of the world's newspapers. The Daily Mirror in Britain, on the morning of April 10, , was the first to break the story of the band's split, with the unfussy words "Paul Quits the Beatles.

In the fallout, the McCartneys once again ran away to Scotland, and, on a bright, cold December day, McCartney stood high on a hill overlooking Skeroblin Loch at the end of a long walk and a deep conversation with his attorney father-in-law, Lee Eastman. Police look for clues after 3 died wearing same wristbands.

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Vini Vici play 'Dash Berlin - Man On The Run' (Live at Transmission Prague 2018) [4K]

A pit maneuver is a police tactic used to spin out a car from behind during a chase. Two occupants of the vehicle that rammed the other car got out, Dobbins said.

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One had a weapon. The gunman, described by a witness as a Hispanic male, fired multiple shots at the car that had been rammed, pursuing it as it rolled down a hill, he said. Witnesses said the shooter is possibly in his early 20s, thin build, about 5 feet 7 inches tall and was wearing a red shirt, according to a Friday statement from the police. Police found narcotics in the car of the two victims, Dobbins said.

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