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Fill, twist, top off, smash and lift! Watch the monsters break out over and over.

Mad Mattr® - Meteor Monsters

Challenge your friends and family! Includes 2oz mystery color of genuine Mad Mattr, a super-soft dough compound.

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Mad Mattr never dries out, is non-toxic, and wheat, gluten, and casein free. Category: Dough.

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Ask a question? These toys enable children to express themselves through art, music, movement, dance, imagination and role-play.

Creativity is fundamental to successful learning, as through creativity, children develop: their senses, self-expression, thinking processes, coordination and confidence. These toys help your child to use their hands for precise movements. Fine motor skills are refined careful movements.

Towards two-years-old, children's brains start to enable small-scale hand, eye coordination. These skills are the first step towards learning to write, draw, thread and trace.

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Discover the weird and wonderful world of Maudlin Towers — brilliantly written and illustrated throughout by Chris Priestley in this striking and funny package. Mildew and Sponge don't think much of Maudlin Towers, the blackened, gloom-laden, gargoyle-infested monstrosity that is their school.

But when a meteorite crash-lands in the school grounds, things become even stranger than they have ever been before! Not only do a group of schoolgirls and their teacher turn up needing somewhere to stay, but further investigation of the meteorite soon proves that it might be a spaceship. Could aliens be hiding in the school grounds somewhere?

Early Learning Centre • Cyprus - Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters

You might have spotted them already! Plus, has anyone noticed a giant eyeball floating about the place? Most importantly, can Mildew and Sponge save the day — and the school — once more? Have you read all of Mildew and Sponge's adventures?