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Configure Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express to also build for Windows x64

Microsoft users have seen a number of improvements to the Azure Cost Management tool -- but there are still concerns about its To be a good tester, start at requirements and user expectations, then develop test cases that make certain those needs are met. The new GigaFox platforms enable users to create a pool of shareable mobile devices; remotely add, disable, reboot and unlock Coders can learn a lot from manufacturers, according to Gary Gruver, even though the products are distinctly different.

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This free Once an afterthought in the Java community, Microsoft has seemingly overtaken IBM as the preeminent advocate among developers at In this guide, learn about cloud-native development -- what it is, how vendors try to exploit it and how to bring it to life with The Eclipse Foundation has introduced Eclipse Che 7, a new version of the Eclipse Che cloud-based integrated development Learn how Oracle was pushing its cloud technologies, but OOW keynote speakers largely talked about cloud strategies.

Are you stumped by enterprise cloud applications or related technology? Check out this breakdown of five important terms to help Links to where I can download this information would be very useful as well.

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It is solely my opinion. Unfortunately this is not been released yet by the SSRS team, but it is expected to be out very soon.

Thanks to the NAV developers that have now already been at my training. Save the files. The following steps don't seem to be always necessary. Check the next section first, to see if it works. If not, come back to this point.

Quick tour of visual web developer 2008 express edition web application

Modifications are now complete. Creating an x64 Project Now, whenever you want to create a 64bit version of your application, first you need the 32bit version to already be working or at least already exist. On the Copy settings from drop-down, select Win Check the box Create new project platforms. Press the OK button to continue.

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