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Although low cost devices such as pellistors, semiconductor gas sensors or electrochemical gas sensors can be used for these applications, they offer a very limited lifetime and suffer from cross-response and drift. On the contrary, gas sensors based on optical absorption offer fast response, zero drift, and high sensitivity with zero cross response to other gases. Hence, over the last forty years, diode laser spectroscopy DLS has become an established method for non-intrusive measurement of gas properties in scientific as well as industrial applications.

Wavelength modulation spectroscopy WMS is derivative form of DLS that has been increasingly applied for making self-calibrated measurements in harsh environments due to its improved sensitivity and noise rejection capability compared to direct absorption detection. But, the complexity in signal processing and higher scope of error when certain restrictions on operating conditions are not met , have inhibited the widespread use of the technique.

This dissertation presents a simple and novel strategy for practical implementation of WMS with commercial diode lasers.

It eliminates the need for pre-characterization of laser intensity parameters or making any design changes to the conventional WMS system. Consequently, sensitivity and signal strength remain the same as that obtained from traditional WMS setup at low modulation amplitude.

Diode Laser‐Based Sensors for Extreme Harsh Environment Data Acquisition

Like previously proposed calibration-free approaches, this new method also yields absolute gas absorption line shape or absorbance function. Tang, C. Cheng, and Z. Geng, J. Liu, Y.

Diode Laser Spectroscopy Advanced Lab

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Fiber-Optic Sensor for Industrial Process Measurement and Control | Department of Energy

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