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Also recommended by: Colin Hanks. Nineteen Eighty-Four, sometimes published as , is a dystopian novel by George Orwell published in The novel is set in Airstrip One formerly known as Great Britain , a province of the superstate Oceania in a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism or Ingsoc in the government's invented language, Newspeak under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite, that persecutes individualism and independent thinking as "thoughtcrimes".

The tyranny is epitomised by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality but who may not even exist. The Party "seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. His job is to rewrite past newspaper articles, so that the historical record always supports the party line.

Smith is a diligent and skillful worker but he secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother. Harriet is leaving her boyfriend Claude, the French rat. That at least is how Harriet sees things, even if its Claude who has just asked Harriet to leave his Greenwich Village apartment. Well, one way or another she has no intention of leaving. To the contrary, she will stay and exact revengeor would have if Claude had not had her unceremoniously evicted.

Still, though moved out, Harriet is not about to move on.

Not in any way. Girlfriends circle around to patronize and advise, but Harriet only takes offense, and its easy to understand why. Because mad and maddening as she may be, Harriet sees past the polite platitudes that everyone else is content to spout and live by. She is an unblinkered, unbuttoned, unrelenting, and above all bitingly funny prophetess of all that is wrong with womens lives and heartsuntil, in a surprise twist, she finds a savior in a dark room at the Chelsea Hotel.

Patrick Suskind's Perfume follows the life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, abandoned at birth in the slums of eighteenth-century Paris, but blessed with an outstanding sense of smell. This gift enables Jean-Baptiste to master the art of perfume making, but one scent evades him: that of a virgin, whom he must possess to ensure her innocence and beauty are preserved. Laced with sense and suspense, this is a beguiling tale of lust, desire and deadly obsession. The McGrath Foundation believes of these specially trained nurses are needed to ensure that every family experiencing breast cancer has access to a breast care nurse, no matter where they live or their financial situation.

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McGrath Breast Care Nurses offer a unique service to families who can self-refer to this free support. To find out how you can make a difference visit www. Bringing to life the subterfuge and double-dealing of Roman nobility, Robert Graves's I, Claudius brings the ancient world to life with startling clarity and meticulous realism. Despised for his weakness and regarded by his family as little more than a stammering fool, the nobleman Claudius quietly survives the intrigues, bloody purges and mounting cruelty of the imperial Roman dynasties.

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It has its own army of germ fighters ready The hypothalamus X above is a part of the brain that controls the temperature of the body. The right answer is false. Are you surprised? Your body temperature is lowest in the early morning—from about AM to AM. Your body temperature can also rise a degree or two after eating or exercising. Very hot weather, an overheated room, or bundling up in too much warm clothing can have the same effect.

The hypothalamus calls it to action. Instead of having your temperature remain about White blood cells, seen here through a high-powered microscope, fight off viruses in the body. When you have a fever, your body gets very warm. That makes it a less comfortable place for germs to live and multiply. The fever helps your body in other ways, too.

It alerts your body to make more white cells. White cells are champion germ fighters. Having a fever is really helpful. Without it, people might not always know that something is wrong. They might not do what they need to do to get well. That might mean not going to a doctor or taking some medicine they need. Bet you never thought of fever as your friend. Yet it plays an important role in keeping you well. Which of these things happen when you have a fever? Your toenails stop growing for at least two weeks.

There may be a temporary change in your eye color. You may feel quite chilly and even shiver. Answers A and B are wrong. Fever will not stop your toenails from growing.

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The right answer is C. Yet does that sound right? The chills will stop once your temperature reaches its new higher level. Shivering makes heat which fights off germs. Usually a fever lasts for only a few days. Yet how long a fever lasts will vary.

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A sore throat or a cough are symptoms, too. These often include feeling weak, achy, and sleepy. You may also have a headache and not feel like eating. Once the illness goes away, did you your higher body temperature know?

A bad sunburn can trigger a the fever. It does this fever. At times, fever can be a side by sweating.

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Kids may want your heavy blanket also have a fever after getting the or a hot water bottle now! There are lots of infections that cause fever. One infection that kids often get is strep throat. Strep throat is caused by small bacteria invaders. When you have strep throat, your throat feels very sore and hurts when you swallow. You may also have a headache and fever. Doctors give antibiotics for strep throat. Such drugs kill the strep bacteria. When you have one, your ear can really hurt.

You may have a fever, too.

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Your ear has three parts. Your outer ear is the part you see. Inside are your middle and inner ear. Ear infections happen 18 Ear infections can cause fever. Have your temperature taken. Always wait a half hour after eating or drinking to have your temperature taken orally in your mouth. Also take any gum or candy out of your mouth. The thermometer should be put under your tongue. Close your lips around it to hold it in place.

Breathe through your nose, and do not bite down on the thermometer. Your body springs into action to fight those germs. Soon that part of your ear becomes filled with a yellowish white fluid called pus. Pus contains the white cells your body produces to fight the infection and the germs killed in the attack. As the pus builds up, the pressure on your ear hurts. The pain of an earache plus having a fever can make you feel pretty miserable. If your doctor thinks bacteria are to blame here, you may be given an antibiotic. Then the problem often clears up in a few days. OH, NO! The flu can give you a cough and headache, too.

You may feel tired and achy as well.